Monroe Sound Studio is based in Stargard, Poland and runned by Arkadiusz Jabłoński, producer & sound engineer. He had his first experiances with music production back in 1997. After completing a series of courses in 2001 he begun his work as a sound engineer. Apart from producing music he also recorded his own music in Shadows Land for example.

The studio was built in 2007 in an old building that before the II second world war served as a tannery. The Live Room is 5 metres high with custom wood finish to achieve organic and avoid sterile & boring sound. The maximum latency is 0,055s which is in top of European charts. The studio also has the regulated reverb and variable sound characteristic. Its design was based on the sound and solutions used by Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys. The studio can serve its purpose for recording drums in R&B, hip hop and in almost any genre.

Monroe Sound Studio is located in Grzedzice near Stargard in a peaceful neighbourhood close to the forest and the lake. Being away from the city makes our studio the perfect place for creative work.

Apart from the sound recording services we provide accomodation for artists for the time of the recording session.



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